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2020-10-12 19_11_34-10x10 Box Cover 2017

A Game of Corporate Rivalry in Deep Space

It is the deep future.  Four corporations compete for dominance over a distant solar system rich with mineral wealth.  Take the helm of a space-based mining operation and pilot your ships into the black.  Land on planets to mine them of their wealth while avoiding the dangers of space travel and the hostile fire of rival corporations.  Haul your profits back to gain buying power to purchase ship upgrades, commit espionage, build up your fleet, and strengthen your hold over your company.  Finally, cripple your rivals' operations and consume their corporation as a majority stockholder to gain ultimate control over the star system!

2017-01-16 18.06.38.jpg
2017-01-16 18.06.29.jpg
Star Control Title.png

My most ambitious project yet!  This board game is currently in the prototyping phase and undergoing extensive test playing.

2017-01-16 18.06.16.jpg
2017-01-16 18.07.14.jpg
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